Help reduce waste in the workplace

Reduce Waste at Work

ROCHESTER, Minn. – You might not think about this during your daily routine, but in our country the average person produces more than four pounds of trash a day. That is more than double what it was in the 1960s and more than double what it is in Japan today.

There is an effort underway to reduce that number by making changes at the workplace.

You can do things like compost or go paperless.

“There’s a lot of different options. You might have to look a little bit to find those, but a lot of times, things that you might not even expect could be recycled, can be. It’s just looking at your options basically,” said Sharon Schriever, Regional Programs Manager for Olmsted County Public Works.

Some things are as simple as thinking back to what we did as kids.

“It’s as easy as reduce, reuse, recycle. Look at your garbage can, see what’s in it. If there’s a lot of Styrofoam cups, can you ask people to switch to the kind that they wash for their daily coffee and it saves that many cups,” Schriever said.

She said a fun and effective way to really reduce your waste is to make it a competition between departments at work to see who can reduce the most waste.

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