IOOF Home addition groundbreaking


MASON CITY, Iowa – One local senior care facility is groundbreaking on a new addition and the announcements don’t end there.

Not only was the I.O.O.F Home Therapy group in Mason City gathering today for the groundbreaking of a new facility, but they also are the latest additions to the town’s Blue Zones Initiative.

The new addition includes six suites that can be used for anything from stroke rehabilitation or other injury-related issues.

“For two years now we’ve been wanting to build up our business to provide the care for the residents and families of Mason city. We were pretty full in our skilled home area. We had actually converted some ICF beds to skilled homes in order to make it work in the past,” said Debra Haugen, Administrator with I.O.O.F.

The six suites will now make the I.O.O.F’s home capacity available for 88 residents.

These suites will feature more privacy for residents along with a cooking area and private bathrooms.

Haugen says she couldn’t be happier to know that these resources will help treat a lot more people.

“It’s always fun for a business to grow and I think this is what’s so exciting about this because we work hard building the wellness part of our facility for our staff and for our residents. We believe in wellness for them as well,” said Haugen.

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