Iowa, South Dakota prepare for Big Sioux flooding

Asian carp found in Cottage Grove

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (AP) — Officials have been extending levees and preparing for flooding along the Big Sioux River in northwest Iowa and southeast South Dakota.

The National Weather Service says the river is expected to crest at nearly 110 feet Saturday, around 18 inches higher than the record set on April 10, 1969. Interstate 29 north of Northshore Drive in North Sioux City, South Dakota, likely will be under water.

The service says the river level will rise 19 feet this week in Sioux City.

Officials in Union County, South Dakota, are trying to close a gap in a levee that sits east of I-29 near Northshore Drive.

Officials in North Sioux City and Sioux City plan to close floodgates on the earthen levee that protects both cities from Big Sioux floodwaters.


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