LaDue’s father speaks to media after hearing

WASECA, Minn. – The father of a southern Minnesota teen accused of making a master plan to kill his family and classmates is speaking out.

Police believe 17-year-old John LaDue of Waseca had planned to make explosive devices, set a distraction for law enforcement, and kill as many people in his school as possible. Authorities say they foiled those plans and now LaDue could be facing charges as an adult.

Wednesday morning, LaDue was in court on a hearing for probable cause on his charges. Although no ruling was made on whether LaDue will be charged as an adult, the court did seal his journal from the public, at least for now. “It wasn’t in the best interest of John LaDue. It wasn’t in the best interest of public safety and it didn’t further the cause of juvenile justice for the documents to be released at this time,” His attorney Dawn Johnson said.

After the hearing wrapped up, John’s father David LaDue spoke to media right outside the courthouse. LaDue says there were no warning signs that John would do something like this, that he’s proud of his son, and that he doesn’t believe he could actually go through with the crime. “From what the police came and told us, he told them what his grand plan was, I don’t see how he would have ever been able to actually do that. No matter how much he would have liked to entertain that idea,” LaDue said.

The prosecution doesn’t comment on ongoing cases. LaDue’s next court date is slated for late July.

ladue court vo


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