Local representatives react to deployments


KIMT News 3 – Several American troops are deploying to Iraq and now we’re hearing more firepower is expected to make it to the region.

White House officials say troops are “equipped for combat” to only help protect the US Embassy in Baghdad, but now according to one report, Iraq officials are asking for US air support to combat militants in the area.

This comes after Iraq’s military claims to have driven back militants from groups like ISIS or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

We spoke with one area politician who says he believes the president is trying to make up for prior foreign policy mistakes.

“For instance, would he be doing anything that he said he’s going to do right now, like move military people into the Persian Gulf, by putting more Marines at our embassies? Putting in more intelligence people, if he didn’t realize that was a mistake that you made four years ago,” said Sen. Charles Grassley (R) – Iowa.

Iraqi officials say they’re also concerned with fighting that may spill over to a nearby oil refinery.

They say it could be a tragic loss since much of the economy relies on oil production.

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