Mayors sign letter to fight ash borer beetle


MASON CITY, Iowa – One area congressman is asking city leaders to help him find the funds to fight a well known beetle in our area.

The Emerald Ash Borer Beetle is one we’ve been hearing all about since 2010 in Iowa.  Hundreds of trees have been cut down in order to prevent this beetle from spreading.  Now U.S. Representative Bruce Braley and more than 30 mayors from Iowa are writing Secretary Vilsack in order to get additional funds to fight problem. The reason being is due to how expensive it is to remove these trees.

“Well, in one sense it’s expensive because there are so many ash trees in Iowa.  Many of them are mature trees that are more expensive to bring down once the ash borer is identified and they become a threat to people and property,” said Braley.

In Braley’s letter he’s asking the U.S. Department of Agriculture to give Iowa the same amount of funding other states like Ohio and Indiana are receiving.

Mayors who have signed the letter include leaders from Mason City and Cresco.

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