Dangers of flooded roads


KIMT News 3 – While the storms we’ve seen can be dangerous, we can’t forget about the risks that high waters bring too. It’s almost like we dare ourselves to try it.

“People know that the road has always been there for all these years.  They’ve traveled on it, so they decide to drive through it.  The next thing you know they’re being floated down stream,” said Emergency Management Director ,Andy Buffington for Winnebago and Hancock County.

For some, they see the water, they question its depth, and say, hey why not just go for it.

“It’s amazing to me how many people just take that risk.  Even after everything that they’ve heard from the weather service, from us, the turn around, don’t drown is a real thing,” said Buffington.

“It’s the slogan, its very simple, it’s catchy, but it’s very, very true. Just turn around, don’t drown,” said Pete Hjelmsted.

According to the National Weather Service six inches of fast moving flood water could easily sweep a person off their feet and it only takes two feet of water to carry a vehicle away. Whether it’s a flooded gravel road or a city street, there is some mystery about what’s under all the water, but Pete Hjelmsted from the Iowa Department of Transportation says it’s one you don’t need to worry about solving.

“It’s really, really simple if you see water over the roads there is no reason you should drive through it.  You do not know what is going on underneath, it could be completely gone.”

Hjelmsted asks that you call law enforcement of the Iowa Department of Transportation if you notice your road starting to flood.

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