Farmers deal with flooded fields

KIMT News 3 – Just when farmers thought they were getting ahead this season, their luck with the weather is beginning to wear out.

We’ve had storms with damaging winds, hail, and now all this rain.

Even though it’s very early in the growing season, this could be a make or break time for a good harvest this year.

“It’s definitely scary to see the water levels this high,” said Don Bohlman of Charles City.

Today Don woke up to see nothing but water where the park once was in front of his home.

It’s not the first time for Don since a similar instance occurred last year, but you can tell, it’s still a sore spot for the long-time Charles City native.

“Last year we got the water and it was well over the road in the corner and then we only got two days and we are hoping that it was all going to disappear here, and it didn’t,” said Bohlman.

The high waters are bringing Charles City natives out to watch and admire the Cedar River and its current.

Here, this type of flooding has become almost second nature, and for local farmers the heavy rain is just another curve ball that comes with the territory.

“We just take what mother nature gives us,” said Keith Kroneman of St. Ansgar.

Kroneman has been farming for years now but he says flooding this soon could pose an early risk for crops.

“Around here we’ve had a lot of rain and its starting the pond in the fields and you can see where it sits in the field too long. After so long, it’s going to drown those spouts out to where the plant will actually die,” said Kroneman.

It may be too soon to call, but these water levels are reminding Keith of last year where many farmers had to rely on crop insurance to make it by.

“Within 12 hours if the corn is not underwater, it will keep growing. So we’re not going to fear yet. Actually it’s the hail that I worry about with the storm,” said Kroneman.

Charles City officials report that the Cedar River is almost at 14 feet.

That’s nearly two feet above what is considered flood stage.

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