UPDATED: Patrie sentenced to life

Randy Lee Patrie

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – A north Iowa man received a sentence of life in prison on weapons charges, and in connection to an unsolved murder for which he hasn’t been charged.

Randy Lee Patrie, 41, pleaded guilty to federal charges of possession of firearms by a felon as an armed career criminal, and possession of sawed-off shotguns after guns were stolen from several north Iowa locations.

During the investigation, prosecutors determined evidence showed Patrie was also responsible for the murder of retired Nashua grocer Carl “Kenneth” Gallmeyer, 70, in 2012.  Gallmeyer was found dead in his home in early October, 2012.

After those details were revealed in court documents, the Chickasaw County Sheriff named Patrie a “viable suspect,” but he has not been charged in Gallmeyer’s death.  Still, prosecutors argued that the evidence should be considered by the federal judge when deciding how much time Patrie should spend in prison on the weapons charges.  Late last week, Judge Linda Reade issued a ruling stating the evidence in Gallmeyer’s death would be considered when determining if Patrie should be given the status of Armed Career Criminal.  The Court found that Patrie qualified as an Armed Career Criminal, which carries a mandatory minimum of fifteen years and a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

A sentencing hearing was held today in federal court, and Patrie received a sentence of life in prison.

Chickasaw County authorities say the investigation continues into Gallmeyer’s death.

The following is a statement from the United States Attorney’s Office:

Evidence presented at a sentencing hearing in February 2014 showed that, in October 2012, Patrie burglarized the home of Ken Gallmeyer, located outside Nashua, Iowa.  Finding Gallmeyer asleep in his bed, Patrie shot Gallmeyer in the head with a sawed-off .410 gauge shotgun.  Patrie then ransacked the house in search of a large amount of cash Gallmeyer was rumored to have had in his house.  In July 2013, a Charles City Police Officer arrested Patrie for burglarizing his step-mother’s house.  In a search of Patrie’s house, officers found three firearms stolen from Gallmeyer, along with Gallmeyer’s large screen television and other property belonging to Gallmeyer.  Patrie was also found in possession of approximately 32 firearms, two of which had been stolen in March 2013 during a burglary of another residence near Gallmeyer’s house, and 22 of which had been stolen in May 2013 during a burglary of the Gilbert’s Sales Yard in Floyd, Iowa.  Among the firearms recovered from Patrie’s house was a .410 gauge sawed-off shotgun believed to have been the weapon Patrie used to murder Ken Gallmeyer.

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