Weather is not playing fair

Fair Flooding

NORTHWOOD, Iowa – The Worth County Fair kicked off Wednesday and while leaders say they were able to squeeze events in around the rain, they will not be that lucky all week.

The events so far have been taking place indoors, so fairgoers have been able to get out of the weather.

“Once they do get here, we’re under roof on everything we do pretty much. We have little walkways that people can stay dry, livestock can stay dry. So we’re really blessed with some awesome facilities and that’s going to help this extra rainfall we’re getting here quite a bit,” said Dennis Johnson with the Iowa State University Extension.

He said it is getting there that has been the challenge.

“People have been kind of dancing around these rain storms trying to get their animals loaded, trying to get them into town here to unload. Hogs, cattle, sheep are all coming in, and so the families have had a little challenge. I’m sure we’ve had to have people chase hogs and cattle through some mud this morning,” Johnson said.

He said while everything has gone as scheduled so far, Thursday’s horse show will be pushed back to the weekend. He was worried that the animals and their riders could get hurt in the wet conditions.

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