Analyzing an “Armed Career Criminal”


KIMT News 3 – On Thursday, a north Iowa man received life in prison on gun charges and his possible connection to an unsolved murder led to the long sentence.

After years of criminal charges, Charles City native, Randy Patrie will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

We reported the story Thursday after a federal court indicted Patrie of several gun charges, but according to prosecutors, it was his long rap-sheet that eventually put him away for good.

“I guess this was the final straw that society thought was enough,” said Randy Gilbert from Gilbert’s Sale Yard.

Call it a sense of closure or maybe a sigh of relief, either way Randy Gilbert is just glad to hopefully put the Randy Patrie case behind him.

“He was a menace to society and stole the guns and could do damage or injury to someone, so that’s taken away. So it’s good that he can’t do anymore damage or injury to anybody,” said Gilbert

According to the indictment against Patrie, at the time of his arrest he was in possession of 22 firearms as a felon.

Many of which were reported stolen from Gilbert’s Sale Yard.

In the same search, investigators also turned up three more guns including a sawed-off shotgun believed to be the weapon used to murder Ken Gallmeyer in his rural Nashua home.

“In this kind of case with the federal sentencing guidelines, it actually plays a great deal overall because it decides what the judge can consider for the sentence,” said William Baresel.

William Baresel is an Assistant County Attorney in Floyd County.

He says Federal Judge,Linda Reade had to take Patrie’s lengthy criminal history into consideration.

“They pretty much give them a check list,and if the person meets certain criteria on the checklist, the judges hands are tied on this, but in this case I believe given Mr. Patrie’s history, the judge did the proper thing. Even at the federal level the judge would use discretion within the guidelines to adjust a sentence to be proper for person,” said Baresel.

According to those guidelines, Patrie qualified as an “armed career criminal”.

Which carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment, and as the lone suspect in the murder of Ken Gallmeyer and also facing a number of gun charges, Judge Reade sentenced Patrie to life in prison.

“He (Gallmeyer) didn’t deserve to go the way he went and, hopefully they can find some closure for his family,” said Gilbert.

We also spoke with the Chickasaw County Sheriff’s Office who say they will still be pursuing the murder charge against Patrie despite the recent verdict.

They say by doing, so their hope is to bring the Gallmeyer family the closure they deserve.

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