Assessing the damage


HAMPTON, Iowa – Officials in one north Iowa county are meeting Friday to assess some of the damage caused by storms this week.

Franklin County Emergency Management Coordinator, Tom Craighton traveled to different parts of the county documenting damage caused by Monday’s storm.

In a meeting Friday, he explained that most of the damage was trees, but there are a few grain bins and machine sheds in the area that sustained damaged.

As far as the heavy rain we saw the past few days he says, they’re keeping an eye on some homes that could be at risk for flooding.

“There are a couple of homes that are getting water close to them in Dows. But otherwise we’ve not had any homes flooded out by flooding,” explains Craighton.

He’s expecting Homeland Security to come to Franklin County next week to do a preliminary damage assessment.

He also said that the National Weather Service is going to determine if the storms in the area were straight-line winds or tornadoes, however that assessment could take months.

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