North Iowans cleaning up after heavy rains caused flooding


KLEMME, Iowa – it’s been a week of wild weather, and finally, on Friday, a nice break.

Which is giving us all some time to look over and assess any damage caused by the heavy rain.

When Patt Ridder stepped into her basement yesterday, she discovered two feet of flood water, and her backyard, is almost completely flooded.

“We decided since we had our basement down to a couple inches, while we’re waiting we would go ahead and try to suck some of this stuff out so it wouldn’t keep going into the basement, which is coming up through the floor, but I don’t think we’re making progress,” explains Ridder.

She’s not alone when it comes to this kind of flooding. Many people in Klemme are spending the day trying to get rid of all the water.

“There’s many, many residences there that have feet of water. There going to loose their water heaters, HVAC system, washers, dryers, anything you couldn’t get out,” explains Andy Buffington.

Buffington is the Emergency Management Coordinator for Hancock and Winnebago counties.

He says the amount of flooding caught them off guard, but they’re working fast to get flood clean up kits out to those who need them.

“The water handling situation in Klemme was obviously something we could not anticipate. Again, too much volume in too short  amount of time. The water needs some place to go, so it started coming up in people’s basements,” says Buffington.

People, like Patt Ridder, but despite the mess, she’s keeping a positive attitude about her new backyard “lake.”

“As long as we’re alive, and we’re healthy, things can be repaired, things can be fixed, so we just deal with it. It gives you something to talk about.”

Meanwhile, Franklin County is also part of Governor Terry Branstad’s disaster emergency proclamation.

Locally, Hancock, Kossuth and Wright counties are also included. It means that state resources can be used in recovery efforts.

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