Oscar Mayer Wienermobile in Mason City

MASON CITY, Iowa –  The famous Wienermobile was at the Mason City Walmart on Friday, to help promote Oscar Mayer’s new app.  The app is completely focused around the Wienermobile, and answers the most frequently asked questions about the car, according to Oscar Mayer representatives.

Breanna Robinson is an Oscar Mayer Hotdogger.  She says, “The most frequently asked questions about the Wienermobile are: can I park it in my driveway?  Where is the Wienermobile?  And can I drive it?”

You can actually do all three with games on the app.  Robinson also tells us if you scan Oscar Meyar bar codes, you can earn rewards.  The app can be used by both Apple and Android users.

Robinson and her fellow Hotdogger are traveling the “Hot Dog Highways of America” for a year long trip to help promote the company.

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