RAGBRAI needs hosts

KIMT News 3 – Cyclists from all over the world are getting ready to ride across Iowa next month, but of course they’ll need places to stay.

Mason City RAGBRAI representatives are looking for residents to host riders in their homes.

They’ll be in town Wednesday, July 23.

89 riders from more than 19 different countries are expected to take part in the ride.

So organizers say it’s a great experience to experience other cultures.

“I know people are worried about someone coming into their homes and their possessions, but these people are so grateful. Bikers tend to be a pretty honest group and that’s what we’re hoping. That the people of Mason City will step up and offer them some hospitality,” said Kris Dahlstrom Co-Chairperson of the Mason City RAGBRAI Housing Committee.

The Mason City group is in need of approximately 150 people to open up their homes for the event.

So far, they’re sitting at 60.

“We have filled 60 requests, but we also have about 130 left and it’s been challenging getting homes. So we’d love to have people sign up,” said Dahlstrom.

Hosts are not expected to provide such things as towels or soap, nor are they expected to feed or transport their guests.

Hosts can not charge for their accommodations.

For information on how you can volunteer, visit the website below:


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