Local city moving their power underground

FOREST CITY, Iowa  – One local city is getting the okay to move forward with some unique renovations. Renovations that could prove to be a big help when severe weather strikes.

The Forest City Electricity Manager says they’re taking some of their power lines from above ground and moving them underground.

The current lines are deteriorating, so there are times when residents are without power, even when the weather is okay. However, the lines are bundled together, so it would be tough to fix them in their current condition. That’s why putting them underground might be the best option and, they would be safe during storms.

“The biggest thing is, storms usually don’t cause problems underground versus over-head, especially in Forest City; the land of the trees, so this last storm is a perfect example,” says Electricity Manager, Duane Kuhn.

He says more and more cities are making this switch when the time comes to replace over-head lines. Another reason for the switch is the aesthetic aspect. It looks better if these lines are underground.

On Monday, the Forest City city council approved the bid of NexLevel, a Minnesota based company, to do the job. In the next city council meeting they will approve the contract and they will get to work.

Kuhn hopes it is completed by the end of October of this year.

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