Rochester teens saved from flooded waters

river pkg 5

BYRON, Minn. -After the large amount of rain our area got last week, lots of spots were and are seeing flooding. That includes near Oxbow Park in Byron where two teens had to be saved on Friday night.

Authorities say the two were traveling down County Road 105 and ignored a road closed sign. Within moments the two went off the road into at least 10 feet of rushing water. “I parked here because I saw tail lights sticking out of the river,” Oxbow Park caretaker Tim Buri said. Law enforcement are crediting him with helping to save the two teens. “But, by the time I got here, like I said that’s what happened, they were already in the river,” Buri said. Since the water was so high, Buri knew he had to act fast to save the two. “I asked is there anyone in the car? Then on the driver’s side, a girl popped out of the window, and I said get out of the car before it gets washed away.”

After both teenage girls were safely back on land, the 2006 Ford Mustang they were driving in was washed away. “I think it was an act of God that he was there to see it, witness it, make some calls, get help coming and be there to get them some help. We are lucky we don’t have two dead young ladies,” Captain of Investigations with the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office Scott Behrns said.

Both girls got out unharmed, but the vehicle they were in is still missing in the river.

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