Staying healthy in the workplace

CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – Sitting behind a desk at work all day can be harmful to your health.

However, health experts tell us that there are some things we can all be doing around the office to be a little healthier.

Trainer Zac Kephart from Cutting Edge fitness in Clear Lake suggest moving around as much as possible throughout the day.

This movement could be as little as standing as you take a call, or walking to a co-workers office instead of calling them on your desk phone.

Kephard also suggests keeping your desk far away from things you commonly use like a printer or a copy machine.

However, there is one workplace factor that is difficult to combat.

“If you are very stressed, there are hormones that get released that actually increase fat absorption,” he explains, “so that means you increase fat in your body.”

He adds that moving around and changing your scenery can help keep stress levels down in the workplace.

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