When heat goes up, keep bills down

Summer Energy Bills

KIMT News 3 – It is going to be pretty warm this week and generally when the temperatures go up in the summer, so does your energy bill.

There are plenty of ways to keep the costs down.

Some include getting your air conditioner serviced regularly and cleaning and replacing filters often. Another trick is replacing your current thermostat with a programmable one. You can even plant trees to block out the sun.

But there are some things that do not take much effort.

“Keeping your south and west facing windows covered, especially during the day, because when the sunlight gets in that will heat a home very quickly and, of course, if you have your thermostat off or turned up, it works extra hard when you come home to cool it,” said Jim Krueger, President and CEO of Freeborn-Mower Cooperative Services.

He said you can also use a fan to increase circulation, but only when a room is occupied. You can also close air vents and doors in unused part of your home.

“Just being wise about when and how you’re using energy. For example, things as simple as running your dishwasher only when it’s full, or running your clothes washer only when it’s full. Of course, the real easy things to think of is turn your lights off when you’re not in a room,” Krueger said.

Many energy companies like the Freeborn-Mower Cooperative, provide energy audits for a relatively low rate. They come to your home to see what you can improve so you can save money.

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