City looking for options on Main St.

Flooded roads

ALBERT LEA, Minn. – The lack of rain over the past few days has been a blessing for area farmers and some towns. It is allowing the excess water to dry up.

Even with all of the sun, Main St. in Albert Lea is still covered with water.

It is a problem that happens virtually every year, but this year happened to be worse than most.

That brought up the topic again, of how to mitigate the flood waters so it does not have to be shut down again.

“Things have changed, and obviously over the last several years we’ve had several major events. I think we’ve had three, 100-year floods in the last five years, so as a result of that it begins to become more important for us to look at the opportunities,” said Albert Lea Mayor, Vern Rasmussen.

He said they are looking into options at the state level.

“Really at this point, what we’re going to look at doing is, we’re going to contact our legislators, both our senator and our state representative, and really talk to them about some of the options that they can help us with to move ahead in the future,” Rasmussen said.

Any discussions do need to have MnDOT involved because Main St. is also a U.S. Highway in that area.

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