Iowa and Minnesota receive high grades in nationwide study


KIMT News 3 – Iowa and Minnesota are receiving some impressive marks when it comes to how folks welcome in new local businesses.

A study by the website and the Kansas City, Missouri-based Kauffman Foundation evaluated business environments in each state.

Some states scored higher than others in overall friendliness towards small businesses.

Iowa got an A- for its overall rating in this area. Last year Minnesota received an A- as well, but this year it is dropping to a B.

Business owners surveyed also commented on the ease of starting a business, and one local entrepreneur would agree.

“It is pretty simple, you know, you get a good idea, you get it rolling, you obviously have financing and you get a tax ID number and you’re ready to roll,” says small business owner Scott Moorman.

Both Iowa and Minnesota received A’s in ease of starting a business.

Also, according to the study, Iowa’s lowest scoring ranking is in training and networking while that is Minnesota’s most impressive category.

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