Kids try bring a “Doctor for the Day”

BRITT, Iowa – A day at the doctor’s office can be scary when you’re young, so area physicians are changing that by offering a hands on day at the hospital.

Hancock County Health System, the Iowa State University Extension and the North Iowa Area Community College (NIACC) co-hosted more than 20 kids on Tuesday for their “Doctor for a Day” summer camp.

The day included a trip to an exam room, the physical therapy gym and even the emergency room.

Family Physician Dr. Mark Lloyd was one of the many health experts the kids had the opportunity to meet.

He says that while this day is not only a good way for kids to get out of the house and keep their minds active, but he believes this will be a helpful way to keep them calm during their own trips to the doctor’s office.

“One of the things that we wanted to accomplish today is, show kids some behind-the-scenes stuff that happens at a hospital,” he explains, “and also, to show them that it’s not as scary as it could be.”

Camp coordinators like Victoria Schmidt with the Hancock County 4-H club tell us they were all amazed at the interest in the camp.

Schmidt says that this round was full in less than a week when registration opened, and that they had a number of kids placed on a waiting list.

“We would love to be able to offer this program again,” Schmidt says, “we actually had double the registration on the waiting list so, we could hold this again next week and probably be full.”

More information about other classes offered, check out the Iowa State University Extension office website.


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