Pop culture brings attention back to the hobos

Bringing attention back to the hobos

BRITT, Iowa – Bob Dylan has been an influential musician for decades, and one of the original drafts of his song lyrics just made auction history.

“Like a Rolling Stone”, an iconic Dylan song, was originally written on the back of a restaurant menu.

It went to auction at Sotheby’s and brought in more than $2 million to an anonymous bidder who was fighting for the item over the phone.

While this auction has gotten national attention, so has Dylan’s inspiration for his lyrics over the years.

He has written about everything from social issues, to economic problems and a group mentioned throughout his music is hobos.

It’s a group that doesn’t get attention all that often, but when they do, the town of Britt and the home of Hobo Days, definitely sees the impact.

President of the Hobo Foundation, Linda Hughes tells us, each mention of hobos in music or popular TV shows brings more hits to their website and more interest to their museum.

“These people are starting to come to the museum because they show new interest in them,” she says, “so they check us out on the internet and then they come and visit us and we are seeing more and more of that all the time.”

This year’s national hobo convention will be held Aug. 7th through the 10th in Britt.

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