County looking into recycling changes

Mower County Recycling

AUSTIN, Minn. – A local county is looking to change the way they collect recycling. They are trying to encourage it by making it more convenient.

Currently, those who get their recycling collected by Mower County must sort it into separate bins for glass, cans, paper and plastic. They are talking about making it single sort recycling.

It is their effort to keep more out of area landfills.

“You’d have more recycling going into the recycling stream because of the ease of use. People would be more likely to participate, and hopefully that would bring up our numbers,” said Mower County Commissioner Tony Bennett.

He said the idea has been tossed around in the past, but a push for going green has brought it up again.

“Recently too, there’s been the formation of the GreenSteps project in Austin, also called the Sustainability Task Force. I serve on that, and certainly that group has been pushing for more recycling as well,” Bennett said.

Currently residents pay just over $16 a year for recycling through the county. This would double or even triple that rate.

Bennett said it is important to call your local commissioner and voice your opinion.

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