Facial hair linked to oxygen tank tube fires

Mayo Clinic

ROCHESTER, Minn. – Groundbreaking research is once again being done by the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

Doctors in the Med-City have now been able to link facial hair with oxygen tank tube fires that some patients have suffered. The study, led by Dr. Andrew Greenlund, looked at the number of these fires and tried to find the source. Dr. Greenlund even used some of his own facial hair to prove on a dumby that these fires can be more serious because of facial hair. He says the hair almost acts like more fuel to the flames. “They can be life threatening. Any airway burn causes swelling, tissue loss, and a lot of times these people end up in the hospital very sick,” Primary Care Physician Dr. Andrew Greenlund said.

Greenlund also mentions that maybe it’s time to look at how these tubes are created and that patients with oxygen tanks should consider shaving.

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