Fitness Friday stroller workout


KIMT News 3 -All you need for this workout is your stroller and 2 water bottles. One for drinking, the other to use as a light weight.

Before you get started, it’s important to make sure you have clearance from your doctor to begin exercise other than walking.

We’re going to start with a warm-up, walking slowly for 2 minutes.

Form is very important with this workout, so make sure you’re not holding onto the stroller handles too tight while keeping your wrists straight, with elbows pointing slightly downward.

Breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth using the “talk test’ to make sure your not overdoing it. You should be able to talk or sing to your baby as you go.

Now it’s time to kick it up a notch.

Try taking longer strides and only pushing the stroller with one hand for a while, then switch. You can also move into a light jog if you’re feeling up to it.

Do this or a combination of thereof for 5 minutes.

On to toning! Stand in front of the stroller with feet hip-width apart, draw abs in, shoulders back. Keep your weight over your heels as you bend your knees into a squat. Try to get down to where you’re as close to parallel with the ground as possible.

As you do this, let the stroller roll away from you slowly, then when you stand up pull it back toward you.

Shoot for 10 reps to start, then build to 20.

Back to cardio! This time walk quickly for one minute, then hold the stroller with right hand and move to the left side. Now skip as you move forward, picking your knee up toward your chest , then switch sides.

It may seem a tad awkward, but it’ll really get your heart rate up.

If 4 minutes of this is too much, walk for a bit, then skip again.

Now one last round of toning. Turn the stroller sideways, lock the wheels, and stand to the left of it. Hold one of the water bottles in your left hand with the right resting on the stroller handle.

Bend your left knee and step back into a lunge position with your right foot, then bend your arm behind you to work those triceps a little, then return to stand

Complete 10 reps, working up to 20, then switch sides

Now you’re done! Just take some time to cool down for one to two minutes and stretch out your calves, quads,hamstrings, shoulders, back ect.

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