Iowa Court of Appeals rules on two north Iowa cases


A north Iowa man convicted of murder, and another convicted of child stealing both had appeals denied by the Iowa Court of Appeals Wednesday.

In the first case James Farnsworth appealed his second degree murder conviction on what he argued are three errors made by the court.

Farnsworth was convicted of stabbing Ian Decker in January in 2013.

Farnsworth argued that the state shouldn’t have been able to use events from earlier in the night of a fight that occurred in April of 2012. He also says the state abused power when they striked down a possible juror.

And finally, he argued his Miranda rights were violated the night he was arrested.

The Iowa court of appeals denied all three of his claims.

In the other case, Jonathan Workman appealed both his conviction and his sentence.

Workman had been charged with child stealing and assault, but entered a plea deal that would get the assault charged dropped.

He was sentenced to up to ten years in prison. A judge said she took Workman’s lengthy criminal history and previous substance abuse into consideration.

Workman claimed the court used unproven charges when handing down the sentence.

The Iowa Court of Appeals did not agree with him, and affirmed his sentence.

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