Study suggests 3-D mammography may find more breast cancer


KIMT News 3 – Results of a new study concerning 3-D mammograms are being released. Findings suggest these advanced machines may be better at finding caner than regular scans alone.

Over half a million women’s scans were analyzed. A third of them used the 3-D imaging along with the conventional scans. What they found is one additional cancer per one thousand scans.

There were also 15% fewer false alarms with those who used the advanced machines.

One expert says he has high hopes for the future of this technology.

“I’ve always liked the idea of 3-D mammography. Even 15 years ago when I first heard about it, I thought it was a great idea. I’m excited to see it come into its own. I’m still reserving judgment to see what the studies prove, because we like to base our medicine on science and not just good feelings, but I like the concept, I hope it works, we’ll stay tuned and find out,” says Director of Breast Imaging Services, Dr. Gary Swenson MD.

Currently there are some drawbacks. Women are exposed to double the radiation when opting to go the 3-D route, and there are higher costs. Right now most insurance companies are not covering this procedure.

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