Volunteering your time


MASON CITY, Iowa – 11 year old Allison Diekmea wasn’t just at the Humane Society of North Iowa Wednesday night for the free hot dogs.  She’s actually a volunteer, and it’s just part of her usual routine.

“ I like walking the dogs, because its fun to take them around, teach them stuff, and it’s really fun to walk them,” said Allison.

Allison is last year’s Volunteer of the Year for the Humane Society.  She says her main goal, is for the animals to get the most of the time she spends with them.

“Because it’s good for the animals to get some exercise, and the cats to play around,” said Allison.

The Humane Society is holding an open house event to bring in those who might be interested in volunteering; like Allison.  They’re also saying thank you to all those who give their time on a daily and weekly basis.  That added up to more than 2,000 volunteers and more than 5,000 hours spent with these animals last year.

“Tremendous impact.  First and foremost, the big thing that they do is socialize with our cats, walk our dogs. Keep them active, physically fit, and socialized. So that an animal that’s maybe a little bit timid comes out of their shell, the more they’re worked with by a volunteer,” said Soukup.

And Allison says it’s definitely worth your time.

“ I’m also getting some exercise, and I’m helping out and doing something good for the community.”

The Volunteer Fair also included information on all the different ways people can become involved with the Humane Society.

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