Eyota passes bus service resolution

Downtown Eyota

EYOTA, Minn. – In many rural communities the forms of transportation are whatever you can provide for yourself, but some in southern Minnesota are looking to add public transportation to that list.

Dover, Eyota and St. Charles are moving forward to create a joint bus service between the cities.

St. Charles and Dover have passed resolutions that say they will support funding the service for the first four years. Eyota voted on it Thursday night.

“We are a rural community, so we don’t have access to everything somebody would have in Rochester. This will allow those citizens, both elderly and young, and in the middle to be able to reach those services that can be critical for them,” said Eyota Mayor Tyrel Clark.

The resolution says that Eyota and St. Charles, the bigger cities in the group, would pay 40 percent of the costs each. Dover would cover the remaining 20 percent.

“I’ve heard people saying that they’d like greater access to the other communities, and I’ve heard that they’d like easier access to Rochester. We have a pretty good elderly population as well, and for them, this bussing service would really help them to be able to get out from where they’re at,” Clark said.

Those voices were heard. The Eyota city council passed the resolution.

Now MnDOT must approve the measures, because some funding would come through a grant. Clark said the cities would be covering about 20 percent of the cost and MnDOT would take care of the rest.

They hope to have buses running by next summer.

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