Kanawha Spring Field Days

KANAWHA, Iowa- A group of rural Kanawha farmers gathered Thursday at the Kanawha firehouse for a presentation hosted by the Iowa State Northern Research Farm.  The presentation gave farmers information on how to make their farms more economically efficient. The researchers gave information about the importance of the right amount of nitrate in the soil as well the proper moisture of the soil to make sure the crops can grow more efficiently.

The presentation also touched on the rapidly advancing technology in the agriculture world.  A $30,000 hover-helicopter; the AirHover QR-423 quadcopter, which was donated to the researchers, is one piece of equipment the group is very excited about.  Zach Vanderleest says the chopper is still being worked on and going through regulations, but what the copter can do is going to really help farmers maximize their fields.

“We plan on using the quadcopter for crop scouting, low image collection, and targeting specific trouble points in the field,” says Vanderleest.

The group says that being able to see the weak parts in your land is going to be a great advantage to farmers.

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