MnDOT resurface project


ALBERT LEA, Minnesota – It’s always nice to get a heads up when construction is coming your way, but this one is coming a year in advance.

One room in city hall in Albert Lea turned into a blue print zone so to speak as folks got a sneak peak at what they can expect in next year’s construction plans.  Right now, the Minnesota Department of Transportation is looking to resurface Highway 65, in July.  Repairing culverts and replacing sidewalks are also on the list.  Jacob Gasper, Project Engineer of MnDOT, says getting the information out there sooner, is better.

“Yeah, we try to coordinate early and get the information out as early as we can.  We’re kind of in the design process, so if we could get early input we can work it into our plans,” said Gasper.

Gasper says construction should last three months.

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