Swimmer’s itch reported in north Iowa lake


CRYSTAL LAKE, Iowa – Reports and complaints about swimmer’s itch are coming in from some Iowa lakes, including one in our area.

The Iowa DNR is hearing about the rash developing on those who swam in Crystal Lake.

The condition is caused by parasitic flatworms, they’re usually found in shallow areas.

But, there are things you can do to prevent the uncomfortable problem from forming.

“Typically, some of the things that lake users can do to avoid the severe cases, is towel off immediately after leaving the water or shower immediately. That will really help with any degree of rash that somebody may encounter,” explains Fisheries Biologist, Scott Grummer.

Grummer says folks can still swim in Crystal Lake, but it’s at their own risk.

The DNR has also received reports of swimmer’s itch in Black Hawk Lake.

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