The Chit Chat Cafe closes


THORNTON, Iowa – For 39 years the Chit Chat Café has seen lots of different customers come in and out the doors but after Friday, that door won’t be opening up anymore.  The Chit Chat Café is officially closed.

“Previous owner said this is my last dinner today, my last meal.  Oh I said why’s that, he said I’m quitting and I paid him for my dinner and he upped and walked out and that was they way I became the owner,” said Richard Dorenkamp.

Richard Dorenkamp is a man who is proud to live in Thornton and proud of how his café, the Chit Chat Café, served the local town.  Once he became the owner, 39 years ago, he had his daughter Lisa and her neighborhood friend run the business.  One milestone Dorenkamp takes pride in with the café is how much it grew.

“We developed and we grew and it was a building café at that time. Pretty much I’ve changed the furniture a couple times but of course that’s in 39 years,” said Dorenkamp.

It’s all coming to an end as Friday was the last day it was open for good.  Dorenkamp says it’s been a day of remembering what once stood around the café including a school, hardware store, and the railroad. Then it all disappeared over time, but he’s hoping the memories of this café will stay forever strong.  Don’t get him wrong though, he’s ready to relax

“Get here and get opened up which is 5:30 or plus. I’ve got people coming in to drink coffee, that’s been going on for some time, so I’m going to sleep late.”

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