Women on Target Shooting Clinic


HANSELL, Iowa – A group of north Iowa women are getting the chance to do something some of them have never done before.

About a dozen participants went through firearm safety and training in the National Rifle Associations Women on Target clinic.

This is the second annual event at the North Hansell Shooting Complex.

The director of the event says it’s important for women to get the chance to experience firearms of all types in this non-threatening environment.

“If they aren’t shown that they can be safe and aren’t shown that they aren’t scary, they aren’t going to give them a chance. We’re all moms, we hear horror stories and we want to show them that they are the exceptions, not the rules,” explains Clinic Director Keri Hartwell.

There will be another Women on Target shooting clinic in our area this summer.

It will be held in Mason City next month.

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