Volunteers changing lives one bedroom at a time

Collin Hanson seeing his new room for the first time

GARNER, Iowa – It has been a few months since a fatal motorcycle accident changed the life of one north Iowa family, but on Sunday, their life was changed yet again.

After a tough couple of years for the Hanson and Marciniak family, one local organization has given a “happy place” to four year old Collin and newborn Rayann of Garner.

It’s all thanks to “My Happy Place,” a non-profit organization that renovates and designs new bedrooms for kids going through a tough time.

For this family, the tough time comes after a tragic motorcycle crash back in April that took the life of their beloved father, step-father and fiancé.

“I was just so overwhelmed and blown away,” says Crystal Marciniak, mother of Collin and Rayann. “I think both kids deserve their own happy place. They’ve been through a lot, so it’s nice they could do that for them.”

Tragedies like this are something nobody really knows how to handle, but Lisa Tan, the founder of My Happy Place, says that’s why they’re there.

Tan received an application for a dual-bedroom makeover from Marciniak’s sister.

She tells us that after reading Crystal’s story and hearing about everything Collin and Rayann have gone through, she couldn’t wait to get started on creating a space for the kids to find comfort in.

“It is such a privilege to be able to get together to do this for a very deserving family,” Tan says, “For a very deserving child, but we are just sorry that there’s a need for it.”

While these room makeovers were ultimately intended to please the kids, the details included in the overall design were meant for Crystal and the memory she continues to carry of a man she continues to love.

This isn’t the only room transformation planned for the group.

While Tan tells us they plan to put their makeovers on hold during the summer months, they already have a number of rooms scheduled for this fall.

For more information about My Happy Place, or to donate to a room project, visit their website by clicking here.

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