Local food pantry tries new way to fill shelves

Austin Salvation Army Food Shelf

AUSTIN, Minn. – Some local food pantries are struggling to keep their shelves stocked. That is why some are getting creative to fill them back up.

The Austin Salvation Army has been forced to buy some food items on their own for the past few weeks.

“From May until October, there’s no real food drives, and the need doesn’t stop during the summer, but unfortunately the donations go way down. It’s just that no one thinks about it during the summer,” said Lt. David Amick of the Austin Salvation Army.

So, they are asking for your help over the 4th of July holiday. During the Austin parade they will be walking the route with carts, hoping to collect donations in the process.

“We don’t normally have shopping carts going down the street picking up donations, so that’ll be a first and, as I was commenting earlier, this will be a reverse for a parade because we don’t normally take food, we normally throw candy out,” Amick said.

He has set the goal of collecting 5,000 pounds of food during the parade. They are looking for things like peanut butter and cereal, but will take any food item you are able to give.

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