Navigating your way toward being healthy

Getting healthy is getting easier

BRITT, Iowa – There is a new effort to get people healthy in north Iowa.

The Mercy Health Network is working with their Population Health Department to get patients across the area more interested in investing time in their health.

In an effort to make this easier, they are now making “health coaches” and “health navigators” available for people to work with.

The idea for the navigators is to encourage people to get in and see their providers for exams like mammograms and colonoscopies.

They’re hoping that if people come in feeling healthy, that they can complete these tests and potentially catch things before they get worse.

Another goal of this program, is to help patients make, meet and maintain their health goals.

Betty Mallen, one of the Hancock County Health System coaches we spoke with says, while it’s certainly a unique program, she believes it will be very effective.

“I really work with them to set goals they think they can meet,” she explains, “Goals they are willing to try to meet, and then I give them information along the way.”

Mallen says it’s a different approach, but she says that working with patients directly gives them a sense of accountability and motivation and so far, things have been working out very well.

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