Receding water showing more damage

Highway 65 Now Open

ALBERT LEA, Minn. – The rain has let up in southern Minnesota just enough for some of the floodwater to recede. That includes the water that was sitting on a heavily traveled road in Albert Lea.

Travelers are seeing something they have not seen on Main St. for nearly two weeks, vehicles instead of water.

The heavy rain that started two weeks ago caused a portion of E. Main St., also known as U.S. Hwy. 65, to flood. The road had been shutdown for nearly two weeks.

That, and the fact that waters are still receding in many major areas, has the state nearing three straight weeks of a state of emergency.

“It’s a huge event, a lot of water. The floods still haven’t receded in the metro area, or in the eastern part of the state, so there’s a lot of things that they’re still looking at,” said Freeborn County Emergency Management Director Rich Hall.

Now that the water is gone on Main St., like it is in many areas across the county, official are coming across even more damage.

“We’re finding additional culverts that have been washed out. We’re looking at some other damage and infrastructure in the city of Albert Lea itself, so we’re still in the discovery phase,” Hall said.

Starting Tuesday, FEMA officials will begin touring flood-impacted areas of the state. They will be in Freeborn County meeting with local officials Tuesday, July 8.

Officials will be doing preliminary damage reports this time around. These reports are only for public damage, the threshold was not met for private dollars.

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