Safety reminders for Independence Day weekend

Officials remind folks to stay safe this holiday weekend

CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – Even though it’s Monday, many people are already looking forward to the long holiday weekend.

As the Fourth of July gets closer and closer, campgrounds in our area are starting to fill up.

While outdoor celebrations are a popular way to celebrate the patriotic holiday, they can also be dangerous, according to Mason City Fire Chief Bob Platts.

“When it comes to grilling, a lot of them at the campgrounds are using gas or charcoal,” Platts explains, “the gas ones are a little less of a problem. You don’t have to put any type of accelerator to it, or anything, but when we get into the charcoal grills, that’s where we start to have a little bit more of a problem.”

Keeping your grills clean and away from anything flammable will help keep everyone and everything at your camp ground safe.

Platts says that it’s not just grills and campfires that campers need to be concerned about this weekend; the high waters in rivers and lakes continue to be an issue as well.

As rain continues to fall, the waters will continue to rise, so making sure life jackets are either on hand or on the kids, this will help keep folks out of harm’s way.

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