A rainy summer is leading to more bugs

Gathering of gnat larva

FOREST CITY, Iowa – We have all been more aware of all of the extra bugs flying around thanks to the rainy weather, but one north Iowa family was not expecting to see thousands of them all together.

A woman from Forest City tells us she was startled while out on a walk Monday afternoon when she saw something slowly moving like a snake.

As she walked closer to it, it appeared to be thousands of bugs called “Dark Winged Fungus Gnats” traveling together.

At first, they didn’t know what the creature was, so they called Waldorf Biology Professor Paul Bartelt and invited him to take a sample and help them solve this peculiar mystery.

Bartelt says he took a sample of gathering and put a couple dozen bugs in a bag, brought them back to the lab and took a closer look.

He learned that these bugs are cousins to the mosquito, and look somewhat like flies once they are fully grown, however he assures us that they are perfectly harmless.

Bartelt says “They’re quite common, they’re around every year. But this being a record year for rain and water, they are also in record numbers.”

The gathering of bugs found in their yard are said to be larva that move in a pack and appear to look like a rope or snake.

Bartelt tells us, with all of the rain we have seen and are expected to see, folks should not be shocked if they see these rope like gatherings appearing in your neighborhoods.

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