Potential new photos cause stir in courtroom


MASON CITY, Iowa – A new development has put the brakes on all court proceedings as new photos may be entered into evidence.

What was supposed to be a routine question and answer for the defense, instead ended up leaving a puzzled look on the faces of everyone in the courtroom.

As a lead detective of the case of John Snyder Jr. back in 1994, Daniel Ramaeker walks through video taken by him, of the home where the child was living with John Snyder Sr.

Along with video evidence, Ramaeker and Mason City Police evidence supervisor, Lowell Willock also took several pictures of where the boy was found near Willow Creek.

However, many pictures were believed to be destroyed in a sprinkler accident years ago, leaving only two half-overexposed photos according to Willock, or so we thought.

“You’re aware that none of those photos were able to be developed,” asked Defense Attorney, Steven Kloberdanz.

“I don’t believe that’s true. That was where the pajama bottoms were found. I believe it was developed, and in fact I believe we’re looking at one of them over here,” responded Ramaeker.

A stunned courtroom looks on as what could be new evidence in the case may simply be sitting in storage. Not only does Raemaeker say he’s seen the photos, but that he’s seen them recently.

“Well to the best of my knowledge, the only photos we have from all those films that were taken by Mr. Willock are two photos that are half-exposed and half not exposed,” said Kloberdanz.

Judge Dedra Schroeder adjourned court for the day as attorneys now review what could potentially be new evidence in the case.

Judge Schroeder has also ordered law enforcement to present any photos they may find related to the case.

There have been private meetings between attorneys where the judge and jury were not present. It’s not clear what was discussed, but there was a binder of new photos being passed around.

Trial is expected to resume on Wednesday at the Cerro Gordo County Law Enforcement Center.

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