Volunteer emergency responder tax credit increase


KIMT NEWS 3 – Volunteer firefighters and emergency medical services personnel in Iowa will have their tax credits doubled.

In the past, these emergency responders received a $50 tax credit, now that’ll be raised to $100.

For firefighters specifically, there are certain requirements to qualify.

First, they must be an active member of an organized volunteer fire department in the state. They must also meet the minimum training standards established by the Fire Service Training Bureau.

Local Volunteer Firefighter, Billy Krefft, said while $100 may not seem like much, when you add it all up across the state and even in just the North Iowa area, the money definitely has an impact.

“When we look at the dollars and cents of a $50 increase, what that does is it  probably buys us a new pair of pants that may have been ruined at a response. But, just the fact that we’re being recognized for the service we provide by the state of Iowa, makes us feel good.”

Peace Officers have also been added to the list of eligible recipients.

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