Congressman Bruce Braley speaks on Social Security and Medicare


MASON CITY, Iowa –  Congressman, Bruce Braley stopped by Mason City on Wednesday. He is talking with folks about protecting Social Security and Medicare programs.

He says it’s important to make sure those who have retired receive all of the benefits they deserve.

Braley is spending more time in our area as he works to win the open U.S. Senate seat vacated by retiring congressman, Tom Harkin. Right now he is campaigning and covering a topic that is important to voters in our area.

“As a senior, it sits on me every single day, worrying about things that might happen to my Social Security, my Medicare, the reimbursement to my doctors. I’ve had great experiences with Medicare,” says attendee Mary Sue Payne.

She is one senior who doesn’t want to see her benefits go away.

Braley also gave some advice. He says you are much better off putting a little retirement money away in your twenties, instead of putting more away in your 40’s.

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