Getting ready for the Two Wheel Tour

Packing for the Two Wheel Tour

MASON CITY, Iowa – Training for RAGBRAI is underway, and we are getting ready to take part in the ride as part of KIMT’s Two Wheel Tour.  Ryan Shaver and Sarah Danik will be riding three days, and are preparing for the ride.  We stopped by Wayne’s Ski and Cycle in Mason City, where we found out what kind of gear we will need.   Items like helmets, padded shorts, jersey mesh shirts, padded gloves and tire repair kits are crucial.  Kyle Lucas works at the shop and tells us, when it comes to the bike, each person is different.  “You’ll see people ride all kinds of bikes during RAGBRAI, so the big thing is something that you’re comfortable on, something that’s efficient for your ride.”

We also spoke with Karen Woodhouse, a long time cyclist who has rode in RAGBRAI for the past 16 years.  She helped us with packing all our gear.  Karen recommends making a list before you start getting everything together.  She also likes to use a plastic tub to pack, and tells us not to forget items like towels, sheets, pillows and blankets if you are staying at a host home.

Link to more info on RAGBRAI:

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