Hy-Vee renovation getting underway soon

Hy-Vee Expansion

AUSTIN, Minn. – Construction is set to begin in less than two weeks to give a local grocery store a complete makeover.

The Austin Hy-Vee is set to start the more than $16 million renovation on July 14.

It will double the size of the frozen food section, triple the health marketplace and add a full-size restaurant among other things. The Hy-Vee Market Grille will offer full meals made to order.

“We’re going to have six different stages through the next 15 months, and we’re going to try to do the best that we can is not disrupt the customer shopping experience while they’re here. By having six different phases, we’re going to be able to do it in a process that’s really not going to hinder the customer shopping at all,” said Austin Hy-Vee Store Director Todd Hepler.

The store will be open during the entire renovation.

“We’re going to entice customers to come in and see what’s going on at Hy-Vee. With those six different stages, you’re really going to see the store just kind of change as time goes on with the new part being the new wine and spirits store, the new frozen, the new dairy, the new health market, the new HBCs (Health, Beauty, Cosmetics) and the new pharmacy. That’ll be done within the first 90 days,” Hepler said.

Many aspects of the Austin Hy-Vee remodel will be unique, such as having the bakery being in the center of the store. The closest comparison to what Austin will look like is the store in Urbandale, Iowa.

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