Local school district increasing security efforts


CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – “I obviously want my child to be safe,” says parent Chad Kuhlers.

He speaks for all parents when it comes to leaving their children at school everyday.

“We want to be safe, we want to be prepared and proactive instead of reactive,” says Kuhlers.

That’s why Clear Lake School Officials began looking deeper at their security procedures after the most recent school tragedy.

“I think, when the Newtown tragedy occurred, all schools across the nation really started to look at how secure are our buildings, who can access our buildings, when can they access them and how did they get in?” says Superintendent Anita Micich.

The Clear Lake School District brought in some experts from Homeland Security for some pointers. Based on their advice, the plan now includes increasing entrance security as well as installing cameras.

“They gave us some good tips about where cameras should be placed externally and internally. They gave us ideas about access, which doors would be appropriate to access through and how fire safety fits into all of this as well,” says Micich.

Tuesday night, the school board moved forward with their security plan by approving a bid from Johnson Controls to do the work.

“It’s about $512,000, and we would phase that overtime. It’s a very heavy price tag, but remember it’s all of our buildings at once,” says Micich.

It’s a high price, but parents like Kuhlers believe you can’t put a price tag on safety.

“While I believe Clear Lake has good policies and procedures in place, this will be an opportunity to enhance these policies and procedures and make it a little safer environment for everybody’s children,” says Kuhlers.

Superintendent Micich says this project will improve their current procedures, and one thing is for sure, it’s much better to be safe than sorry.

“Those children and young people come to us every day, for our trust, and our job is to keep them as safe as we possibly can all day long, every day,” says Micich.

We’re told the first phase of this project could be in affect already this fall.

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