Holiday travel


KIMT News 3 – Many people are driving to and through Iowa and Minnesota for the beginning of this holiday weekend.

In one small setting at the Kum and Go in Clear Lake you may be seeing folks from all across the state.

“We’re headed to my 50th high school class reunion in Huron, South Dakota,” said Mike Nenaber from Springfield, Illinois.

“So we’re going home going to kayak the Mississippi and then we’re headed up to kayak more,” said Laural Byrd from Kansas City, Missouri.

For some on the road, all they’re happy about is the nice weather they’re driving through, even if they’re not a fan of the traveling.

“Because everybody travels on the 4th and it’s usually hot and miserable so it’s a good time to stay home,” said Nenaber.

Trooper Jake Allspach is happy they’re experiencing nice weather too, but he’s also hoping they’re paying attention to the laws and regulations on the road.

“If you do see an authorized emergency vehicle along the interstate with the yellow light, amber light, or red or blue light, the Iowa law states that you have to move over and if its not at all possible to move over you need to slow down,” said Allspach.

He says what many may not realize is that patrols will be out and it’s up to you to keep them and other drivers safe.

“When you’re a foot from the side of the road feeling the wind from a car driving by is a not a very pleasant feeling sometimes,” said Allspach.

Luckily, our pit stop travelers like Laural understand that.

“Drive slowly, be safe, and enjoy the local communities that you go through.”

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