Salvation Army will double July donations

MN Food Stamps

ALBERT LEA, Minn. – Any donation to one local food shelf this month will be doubled.

The Albert Lea Salvation Army received a matching grant from Open Your Heart to the Hungry and Homeless. Up $5,000 in monetary donations will be matched in July.

“We depend upon the generosity of our community, we don’t have huge corporations that funnel excessive dollars in, so when we get these opportunities for these sizable grants, these $5,000 matching grants, we really try to capitalize on them,” said Captain Jim Brickson of the Albert Lea Salvation Army.

He said this is an important time of the year for support.

“20 percent increase during the summer just for our meal program alone and we’re doing that without the help of the federal government this year, so with the kids being out of school, we all of a sudden try to have to absorb that impact itself,” Brickson said.

He said the dollars are able to be stretched even further thanks to their partnership with the Channel One Regional Food Bank. They are able to purchase food for less than retail cost because of it.

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