What’s new at the Clear Lake 4th of July Carnival?


CLEAR LAKE, Iowa –  The carnival is one of the main attractions of the 4th of July celebration in Clear Lake, and this year offers all the thrills people look forward to, plus a few more surprises.

The newest ride at the carnival is called the “Genesis.” The July 4th Committee Chair, Alice Hanley, got to test the ride before anyone else in Clear Lake.

Many of us also like to hit the delicious food stands. You can get your classic funnel cakes and corn dogs, but this year you can also get roasted corn.

Setting up a carnival is a big undertaking, and Wednesday morning was “crunch time.”

Hanley said our recent storms made the traveling carnivals trip to Clear Lake a bit tricky.

“They did have some rain,so they were hauling rides in the rain and I mean, they’re seasoned pros, so they know that happens sometimes, but it should be smooth sailing from now on.”

This is the 41st year the Evans United Shows Carnival has been a part of the celebration.

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